Prepress Specs

Preparing Your Files for Print

SBPI supports the following programs:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Quark

To insure accuracy, we strongly recommend sending hard copies with your files. Our Mac-based Art Department can accept the PC versions of these programs. Since there may be font issues with files created on PCs, we recommend using programs that allow fonts to be converted to outlines.


When possible, please send your layered files. A minimum resolution of 100dpi @100% is required for 65 line screen output. For digital output, 360x360 output requires 90dpi; 720x720 output requires 180dpi; 1440x1440 output requires 360dpi. Files may be saved as either psd, tiff, eps, or pdf.

Illustrator / Freehand / InDesign

Convert all type to outlines. Make sure your copy has been proof-read before conversion. Objects should be linked, not embedded and the linked objects sent with your files. Illustrator files may be saved to pdf, if the "Preserve illustrator Editing Capabilities" box has been checked.


When sending Quark files, make sure that you also send the fonts and any auxillary files. Quark files are not recommended for digital output.

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